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Don’t Let Facebook Cut Off Your Revenue!

From April 9, 2019 Facebook checkbox plugin default state will be changed to unchecked and will no longer allow a pre-checked state.

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AlwaysChecked will set a default state to Pre-Checked and silently subscribe your website visitors to your Facebook page Messenger.

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Advanced Features!

Advanced Features

Take a maximum control of Pre-Checker!

  • Load Pre-Checker on Custom Element
  • Pre-Check Returning Visitor
  • Set Pre-Check Ratio In Percents
  • Referrer Check
  • Direct Traffic Blocking
  • Devices Control
  • Advanced Countries Taregting
  • Full SSL Support
  • Easy Installation
  • Free Updates & Premium Quality

Scalabe Pricing for Any Budget

Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.

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$9.00 USD / Month

OPT-IN - are unique customers that trigger a website action, such as add to cart. Customers that trigger an action multiple times or add multiple products to cart are only counted once.
Only customers logged into Facebook are included.


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